My Fair Life

I have been addicted to watching this show called My Fair Wedding. What girl doesn’t love to watch weddings? I can’t say I would ever want to get married again, the wedding was way too much work, but that is another post. The premise for this show is that a bride makes plans for her wedding and then three weeks before the day she agrees to let this amazing wedding planner change it all. It always ends up wonderful and way better than the wedding she had planned, but often the brides are very reluctant to let go of their ugly dresses and pitiful plans. I look at these brides and wonder what they are thinking, why would they want to hold on to what is pathetic and not have what is wonderful?

My life is much the same way. I just make my own plans and don’t always consult the ultimate life planner, God, in what I am doing. Then when, at the last moment, I do consult Him, and He comes in and changes things, I am reluctant to let go of all I had planned, even though I know what He has planned will turn out way better. Why don’t I let go of my patheticness in exchange for His wonderfulness? I don’t know. No, that is not true, upon thoughtful introspection on the matter, I do know why. It’s pride. I think I can handle things. I don’t like to be out of control and I always think I have the best way. I am a loner, of sorts, and don’t particularly want to consult others about what I should do in my life. That’s an only child for you, but I think we are all that way to some extent. We are all convinced that we know what is best and God is just there for when we mess up and then He can pick up the pieces.

In this wedding show, sometimes the wedding planner does not choose exactly all the things the bride would choose and in the midst of those choices she gets scared that his vision will not be what she wants. I feel that way with God sometimes. He does things in my life I wish He wouldn’t and I questionHhis overall plan. But as with the wedding planner show, if we could only see the end result of those things that happen in our lives, we would see that God is working all these things we don’t like for the better good of our lives and for His excellent plan. Of course, we cannot see the whole picture until we get to heaven, but we must trust, for now, that He does have a vision and we have to know it is better than what we could imagine.

As the wedding show says, “the bride has a vision but the planner has revisions”. We have a vision for our life, but God has revisions. And those revisions are the best for us, if we will just trust Him and hand over the control of the planning. What freedom that would be, to not have to be in control all the time. 🙂


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