Tough Decisions

I really don’t like making tough decisions. Over the weekend Glenn and I were discussing some we have to make. I really thought when I was a kid that everything was black and white and decisions were easy. That is so not the case as an adult. Sometimes you just don’t know what to do, or at least it seems you don’t. I can say though, that if I am really quiet and listen closely, I usually know what I am supposed to do, I just don’t always want to listen to that voice. Sometimes God calls us to do difficult things and we don’t want to do it.

Lots of people in the Bible had tough choices to make. Joseph, Jesus father, comes to mind. He had a tough choice to make. Would he accept that what Mary was telling him was the truth, that the child she was carrying was of God? Imagine how hard that must have been to believe. Of course, I am sure the angel coming to see him to confirm the story helped some, but still following through with his decision was difficult at best. He had to publically tell people, by marrying Mary, that he believed her story, as crazy as it sounded to everyone else. He had to deal with weird looks and ridicule from others who thought he was a sucker to believe such a story. The woman was obviously lying, I am sure most people thought. But Joseph, ultimately, listened to God and that small voice inside him telling him to take Mary as his wife and raise Jesus as his own son. Would I be that brave? I don’t know.

Sometimes in our lives God calls us to make hard decisions. It’s at those times we need courage to do what God is calling us to do and courage to wait until we know what we are to do. I am an impulsive person, by nature. I know, you are surprised to hear that. I don’t come across as impulsive, but I am. I want decisions made yesterday. I don’t like waiting. This trait gets me into trouble at times. I can make decisions too impulsively, just to get them done, and then make the wrong decision. A pastor I had once said, “if you don’t have time to really pray about a something then don’t do it.” He was right. If I would only listen to that, it would be good. Recently, I have had to get myself out of some situations that I have created for myself because of my impulsive decision making. If only I would have waited and prayed about the decision for a while I would have realized the right answer, but instead I made the impulsive choice and got myself into trouble. Then I had to go back and fix my error when I realized it. No fun. I could have avoided that whole situation if I would just not go with my “feelings” and go with God. Everyone is so caught up in “feelings” these days. If they don’t “feel” like doing something they don’t. Decisions cannot be made based on feelings, they have to be made based on prayer. Sometimes what you feel can be the right thing, but you shouldn’t do something just based on feelings alone, they can be deceptive.

In the end, waiting and praying are the best counselors for any decision. Trust me, you will save yourself much heartache by relying on prayer and waiting.


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