Wednesday, I took Joshua to the developmental pediatrician. If you have never been to one, it’s just like a really specialized pediatrician who works with kids who have developmental delays. We first saw this doctor in December. At that point, I was concerned that Joshua might have Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder. The doctor we saw was very nice and spent 2 hours answering all my questions about Joshua. He assured me then that he did not think Joshua has either of those disorders, but that all his delays were due to prematurity and NF1. I was relieved to say the least, but we still had to deal with Joshua’s delays. In December, they evaluated Joshua’s communication and decided he was at about a 6-9 month old level, he was 20 months at that time. When we went back Wednesday the doctor was very pleased that Joshua is now at a 12-15 month old in communication. That is a lot of progress for 6 months. He can now saw four words, sign two words and understands all of what we are saying and can obey instructions. We are making progress. It might be on a different time-table than other kids his age, but it’s progress. Overall, the doctor was very pleased with Joshua’s development and we are about caught up with physical developement and fine motor skills. God is good.

I have learned that Joshua is on his own timetable for things and I am okay with that. It took a while for me to accept that. I so wanted him to be “normal” and do things just like other kids, but that isn’t the case. He is unique in so many ways and he does things when he wants to. It really makes me appreciate the other three kids I have and their “normal” developement. I watch Elijah talking now, as he should, and I realize what a wonderful thing that is. I don’t take for granted those little things anymore. And it makes me worry about things less. Elijah is not walking yet, and he is 13 months now. But really, I am fine with that. He will walk, in his own time. I would have worried about that with my first two kids, but having Joshua, who didn’t walk until 18 months puts things in perspective.

Joshua is doing very well and making progress and will continue to. He is in speech and occupational therapy every other week now and those things are really helping. Thank you to all of you who ask about how he is doing. And thank you for your prayers for him and our family. It can be trying, at times, to deal with special needs, but it also is life changing, in a good way. It has opened our eyes to the world around us in a different way. And we are looking forward to raising another child with “super powers” when we bring our daughter home.


One thought on “Progress

  1. Super Baby!!!!! You know, I never have thought of Joshua as anything other than just himself. BUT I am glad he is progressing! I am sure Elijah will be super influential in spurring Joshua on 🙂

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