Tissues please

Jordan, my 5-year-old will be starting kindergarten in the fall. Tonight we go to have orientation at his new school. I can’t believe it! Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday he was a tiny baby. So, today I am reminiscing through some pictures of him. I don’t have any of him as a tiny baby on this computer, but I have some from a few years back. So, I will let you enjoy the memories with me.


 Jordan and Samuel riding the miniature train in Shelby, NC. Aren’t they cute? This was May 2010.

Jordan dressed up for Halloween as Mario, he proceeded to wear that costume every day for the next month, no kidding!

Jordan and Elijah taking a “nap” together.

Jordan at his 4th birthday party.

Jordan holding Joshua for the first time. What a proud big brother!


Jordan puts the star on the Christmas tree this past year.

Such a handsome young man!

Jordan is a really sweet kid. He is outgoing and funny, but also sensitive to those around him. I am so proud of him and I just know he is going to do well in kindergarten next year, now if I can just make it through him going. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Tissues please

  1. Awwww the pictures are too cute! I remember you bringing him to one of Kyle’s birthday and he was the sweetest chunky baby! Now he’s so grown up looking, especially in the last picture.

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