Tissues please part 2

After I posted the last post, Tissues please, I found some old pictures of Jordan, so I thought I would share.

Jordan at his first birthday. He loves to eat!

Grandma gave him a chocolate cupcake!

Jordan and Samuel playing the piano. Jordan is about 18 months here and looks just like my youngest son Elijah.

This was back when I just had two kids and I would actually let them paint in the house. lol

I just love this picture! Petting zoo!

Jordan is showing me a caterpillar. He loves to catch bugs. He is two and a half in this picture and he caught a caterpillar everyday that summer. He called it “Callie” and was convinced it was the same caterpillar every time. So cute!


3 thoughts on “Tissues please part 2

  1. Life was little slower back then 🙂 wasn’t it! Love the memories-I can hear the sounds and everything.

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