Way past crazy!

I have been asked if we are crazy adopting another child when we have so many little ones. I have to say we just might be, but it is not a decision we made lightly. I spent months wrestling with whether or not we should do this. I came to one conclusion, we could not do this without God’s help. It is too big for us to do alone. It’s when you are in a situation that you cannot do yourself that God shows up. I love this quote by A.W. Toser “God is looking for those through whom He can do the impossible — what a pity that we plan only the things that we can do by ourselves.” I spent many nights up vacillating between, “I can do this” and “no I can’t”. But after praying about it we decided that we couldn’t not do it. Once God had placed this burden on our hearts, that we should go to another country and adopt a little girl with special needs, to not do it would be disobedient. Will it be hard? Yes. Will we wonder what we have gotten ourselves into? Yes. But is it worth it all? Absolutely.

One thing that God used to help me, when I was doubting whether we could take on another child at this point, was blogs of other people. I like to write blogs and also read them. I came across countless blogs of parents who have adopted not just one or two children with special needs, but 10! There are so many families who would be considered serial adopters, lol. This phenomenon is very interesting to me. After we found out that Joshua was going to face some challenges and have some special needs I wondered why in the world someone would knowingly choose to adopt another child with special needs. However, after parenting Joshua for two years now, I know. I “get it” as some would say. I am not sure you can “get it”, unless you have been there, but parenting a child with special needs is a blessing. I didn’t think I would ever say that a year ago, but it is true. It teaches you so much about yourself and you are thankful for so many small things that the big things no longer seem significant. I don’t worry about whether Joshua will go to college or have a successful career. I cannot worry about those things right now. I just focus on the little things that are so big for him. He now says four words! It took 6 months of speech therapy to make that happen. It’s a big deal.

I want to introduce you to one of these families I was referring to. http://thesousabrownfamily.blogspot.com/  They are amazing! They have 17 children, currently, 15 of the children are adopted and they are adopting 4 more from Eastern Europe right now. Some might say that we are crazy for adopting our fifth, but if we are crazy then this family is way past crazy. lol. There are so many other families like this one. Why do they do what they do? Because they are called to. They feel it is their calling to go into the world and gather the orphans. This family and other like them are such an encouragement to me. If they can do this with all the kids they have, then certainly I can do it with my little guys. In light of these families, my situation seems doable. God used these families to show me that we can do this and He will give us the strength and resources to accomplish it, just as he has for these others.

I don’t see what we are doing as crazy, although those around us might. I know a lot of characters in the Bible that were thought of as crazy for doing what God had called them to, and I am glad to be called crazy to be counted among that number. Our society is too obsessed with being comfortable that when you do something on purpose that makes your life less comfortable people think you have lost it. I would humbly say that it’s not I who have priorities out of whack but that maybe the world is skewed in its ideas of everyone should only do what is comfortable and makes them more money. And having more kids, why that is just ridiculous, why would you ever want to do that? They are not worth having, all they do it drain resources and time. I think it’s time we challenged conventional “wisdom” about the value of children and being out of your comfort zone a little for the sake of a bigger cause. God does not call us to easy stuff, but He will help and make the load lighter for you to be able to carry it. But more than likely those around you are going to think you are crazy if you follow Christ and do what He is calling you to do. Is there something you know you are called to but have been afraid to do for fear of being uncomfortable or having others think you are crazy? I would challenge you to do what God has called you to, you will never find anything more rewarding!


2 thoughts on “Way past crazy!

  1. Ruth…you carry such boldness and it presents a challenge. Good for you for being challenging! This reminds me of the quote my Dad shared Sunday. I don’t remember it exactly, but it’s meaning is to attempt something that is impossible for you to do yourself so that when it happens, you know it could only be God! Still so glad for that little girl’s sake that you are, “way past crazy.” (Can’t believe people ask you that!)

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