A mother’s ambition

I was listening to a well-known pastor preach on Good Friday and the Crucifixion of Jesus. He was talking about those who were present with Jesus at the cross when He died. There was Mary his mother, Mary Magdalene, John and another woman named Salome. This pastor was saying that Salome was the mother of two the apostles. She was mentioned in another story in Matthew 20:20-28. The story is about when she came to Jesus and asked if her two sons could sit on either side of Jesus when he entered His kingdom. Jesus asked them if they were ready to do this and of course, they said “yes”. He pretty much told them they didn’t know what they were asking. The pastor who was preaching about this pointed out that as you look at the crucifixion you will notice that there are two men on either side of Jesus as he enters His kingdom, it’s two thieves hanging on crosses. As Salome watched this scene of Jesus’ death play out I am sure she was so glad that Jesus had not answered her petitions of Him that her sons be there with Jesus suffering the same fate as Him.

Have you ever asked God for something that He didn’t fulfill or give you? I have, many times. And there have been many times that I have thanked Him later for not answering my prayers the way I wanted Him to because I realized later that it was much better to not have the situation work out as I wanted it to. One example that comes to mind is when we wanted to have our first child. We prayed for months asking God for a child and didn’t have any success. I was heartbroken about it at the time, but looking back on it now I can see why God waited 9 months to allow us to get pregnant. During those 9 months we were living in a basement apartment that was very small. Where in the world did we think we were going to put a baby? We didn’t know any better, but God did. As soon as we moved into a real house, He granted our request. Thank goodness He didn’t listen to us! There are other examples and there are many things we have been spared that we don’t even know about. If you are praying and asking God for something and He is not answering the way you want Him to, thank Him for it. He can see the whole picture of our lives and He alone knows what is best for us. We may not understand it at the time, but He is working all things for our good. Trust Him. He loves you enough to die for you, don’t you owe Him that much?


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