You just never know what a day will bring. Yesterday afternoon I called Glenn up at work and told him I felt like we should go to the work night at our church. The church was getting together some people to help do little projects around the church that needed to be done. This is not something we normally do with small kids, but I felt like we should, so we went. I spent most of my time cleaning our church nursery, while my little ones played. Our two bigger boys ran around with some kids their age and my husband did some outside work.

We have been collecting stuff for our yard sale coming up on April 14. A lot of people from church have been really gracious about giving us their stuff and we really appreciate everything. So, last night there was a pile of stuff that had been gathered for us to take home for the yard sale. It was just garbage bags full of stuff. We didn’t go through it, we just took it home and stuck it in our pile of stuff that needs to be gone through, when I get a free minute. 🙂

This morning I got a phone call from the church administrator while I was at the grocery store saying that we had taken home a bag that belonged to someone by mistake and could they come get it. I found the bag and set it out to be picked up. I was sitting here at the computer waiting for one of the church staff to come get the bag when the Lord said to me “put some things in the bag”. I knew that the bag belonged to a man who was there at the church this morning to get food from the food ministry. So, I decided I would put in some packs of crackers. I opened the bag and honestly, it reeked! I wish I would have had time to wash this man’s clothes, because they were in dire need of it. So, I decided to get some old clothes of Glenn’s and some toilette items like I had seen in the bag. Then I remembered a little new testament bible that I had seen in the boys closet, one of many we have in the house. So, I put that in there with a note.

When the minister from our church came to get the bag he told me the man’s story. It is a story that is like a lot of people in this economy, sadly enough. He has been trying to find work and is living under a tree right now. I was so glad I had listened when God told me to put some things in his bag. While I can’t do much about this man’s circumstances at least he will have some items that make him more comfortable. It really hit me how blessed my family is. My mom has a saying she uses often, “there but for the grace of God go I”. Meaning it could just as easily be me who is living under a tree looking for work. 30 minutes ago I was looking up online to see if Ben and Jerry’s was having free ice cream day, and now I am sitting here realizing what really matters in life. I am so glad God brought me a opportunity to help someone. I know He brings me these opportunities frequently and I miss them because I am too busy to pay attention. I pray I don’t get too wrapped up in my own life to miss what God is trying to do. It is infinitely more meaningful than Ben and Jerry’s free ice cream.


3 thoughts on “Opportunities

  1. Tears in my eyes, Ruth. Thank you once a again for listening to His prompting… even in the chaos and noise of your home.

    I am so proud to call you my sister.

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