No left turn

At my son’s school there is a sign at the exit that says “no left turn”. It’s there for traffic flow reasons. There is no median or anything to keep people from turning left, it just works better for all of us traffic wise if we all turn right coming in and right going out, since it’s a two lane road. Everyday all us parents have a choice to make, to turn right as the sign suggests or to turn left, which might be faster for us individually. For me, it would be faster to turn left, since I live that way, but as an administrator’s wife, I know I should follow instructions and turn right. 🙂 I am an obedient parent, I have never turned left, but countless people do everyday.

Sometimes it seems better to do what is best for us and not what is best for the whole, when in a group of people. It’s the same in a family. Sometimes I really just want to buy myself something, for example a new fridge, purely hypothetical. lol But I know that at this point, as we are saving every penny for our adoption, buying a new fridge just because I want one, isn’t what is best for the whole family. It would be nice for me right now, but we would not be able to meet our financial goals and bring our daughter home if I did that. So, I will not. There are a lot of things like that in a “big” family especially, but in every family. We all have to make sacrifices for the greater good.

No one on earth did this more than Jesus. Not only while He was alive on earth did He give everything He had to those around Him. But with His death on the cross and His resurrection He gave the ultimate sacrifice for us. It was not for His own good that He did that, He wasn’t the one who had sinned, it was us. He did not do what was easiest or best for Himself, He looked at everyone in the whole world and did what was best for them. How selfless! I am afraid that in the face of that choice I would not have done that. I know I wouldn’t. I am a selfish creature, as I am sure we would all admit we are. Even though we may not be able to give our lives for someone else, we can look past ourselves and do what is best for others once in a while,  you never know who might be watching you and who it might affect. I know other parents are watching me in car line at my son’s school and as a result, I will not turn left, even if I am the only car out there, you just never know who is watching.


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