Have you not heard?

This morning I got on the waiting child website for our adoption agency. I discovered that the little girl we have submitted papers to be considered as a possible family for was no longer listed. I immediately sent an email to the case worker asking why she had been taken off the list. I have no heard back yet, but I can only assume that she has been matched with another family since we have not been notified of anything. Honestly, it’s frustrating to have this happen yet again. It just makes one want to give up. But I know that God has a plan and all that stuff, but it’s still disappointing. Adoption is full of ups and downs. It really is emotionally difficult. If you haven’t been through it, it seems like a simple process, but it’s really not. I know this, all to well, but it doesn’t make these situations any easier.

After I made my discovery this morning, I decided that God and I needed to have a pow-wow. So, I took my Bible and went into my prayer tub. I have been reading in 2 Kings. I thought about looking at the Psalms just because those always bring comfort, but I felt like I should stay in 2 Kings, so I did. And in the middle of the verses I was reading I found this one,  “‘Have you not heard?  Long ago I ordained it. In days of old I planned it; now I have brought it to pass…” 2 Kings 19:25. I felt like God was speaking to my situation. He was saying to me that He has ordained this adoption and He is bringing it to pass in His way. I need not worry about it or how things might work out, He has a plan and this did not sneak up on Him or surprise Him. I know that no matter how this whole things turns out, He has everything under control and He will do His will in this situation. I am praying that we can find peace and direction as we wait for His will. And for now we will wait.


5 thoughts on “Have you not heard?

  1. What a cool encouragement! (Actually, from the outside looking in, it seems like a huge monster of an undertaking…one of those, “it must be God because how could we ever do it ourselves” kinds of things.)

  2. Walking down my adoption path no one could have told me the plans that God had were going to be different than what I believed them to be.. I just knew that I knew that I knew..but I was wrong.. 😉

    What I learned from it all now looking back was that God wanted me to trust him to give me the child He wanted me to have and to be at peace that that child was hand chosen before creation to be a Honeycutt.

    That’s my prayer for you.. That you will be excited with anticipation for that special little girl He has hand picked justed for your family.

    Enjoy this walk.. It will be a glorious one..


  3. I agree with Amy! Praying for you Ruth. I know how hard it is to be patient for the things we want and I know how hard it is not to get your hopes up…you feel like you are doing what God wants you to do and you start taking steps towards a specific goal, such as this little girl, only to find out that wasn’t it and you need to step back and wait. That stepping back and waiting always kills me and I usually have a pity party before I realize how silly that is and that if I truly want what God wants for me then I need to be patient and He will tell me when to step forward. And when he lets me start steppin’ (lol) everything will fall into place just the way He designed it. It won’t be messy because I won’t be the one in charge doing things my own way in my own time. 🙂 Now, I need you to say all that to me because for some reason I can’t remember that for myself. Haha! 🙂

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