Two years ago today….

Joshua Eugene Tyrone Byrum was born. He was 11 weeks early and weighed 2lbs 11oz. He was rushed off to NICU and put on a ventilator. The doctor’s weren’t sure he would make it.

But 8 days later he was off the ventilator and doing pretty well, and that’s when we met him for the first time. He was SO tiny! But he was a fighter. He spent 7 weeks in NICU and came home on May 5.

This is him in his car seat on his way home. He grew and grew and started to smile.

Months went by and he got bigger and started to do more things.

He started to sit up and play by himself!

Then he stood up!!! He came so far in one year!!

He started walking and kept on growing!!

And look how cute! He has grown so much and developed into a sweet little man full of personality!

Happy Birthday Joshua!! You are 2 today!! You have come so far and we are so proud of you!!! May you continue to grow and do the things no one thought possible! You are a miracle and we a proud to be your parents.


2 thoughts on “Two years ago today….

  1. Beautiful! Happy Birthday to that sweet little boy. So glad he found a wonderful family to be a part of and such wonderful brothers and someday soon a sister to grow up with…congrats to all of you. 🙂

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