Today I thought I would share a couple of pictures of the three youngest boys playing. I don’t have any of Samuel, my oldest, he was at school. I just love to see them all playing together. The other day all four of them were playing ball together. It was such a joy! Those are the moments that make the daily grind of having a “big” family worth it. And someday soon we will be adding a pretty little flower to all these thorns. I am just going to warn all potential dates she may have in the future, you will have four big brothers to get past first! I just love my boys, they are great. They love mud and trucks and loud things. They wonder why you should take baths when you are just going to get dirty again anyway. They would eat 24 hours a day if I let them. They seem to find trouble wherever they go. Boys are a joy and they are simple, for the most part. Sometimes I wonder what I am getting myself into with a girl, only time will tell. But I know she will be different from all this boyness. I am sure it will be wonderful.


4 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. I was just thinking of writing myself a list entitled, “I am a Mom of Boys.” Number 1: I have Matchbox cars in my purse all the time. 🙂 They are so much fun! (The boys…not the cars.)

    • Actually, let me clarify…this is nice, sweet, quiet noise I’m talking about.
      Right now Kate has woken from her nap and is babbling softly in her swing.
      It’s very pleasant but I can tell she is way more chatty than the boys were at 3 1/2 months!

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