Saturdays at 6am

[A guest post by my husband, Glenn]

If you are a regular reader of my wife’s blog, you will notice that we are unconventional in a few ways. One of these unique characteristics is our enjoyment of Saturday mornings at 6am – let me count the ways:

Letting the dog out of her kennel and into the yard. The way that she bolts out of the door as if the squirrel that she sees will disappear into the morning mist.

The sound of Samuel and Jordan playing imaginary games on the kitchen floor. Although Jordan is inordinately loud for this early in the morning, it is nice to hear them getting along well as brothers.

The sound of the coffeepot. LOVE the sound of the coffeepot.

The squeaky sound of Elijah calling for someone to get him out of the crib with his “hey duh duh duh… hey muh muh muh…” mantra.

Hopping over Super Mario bedding that has been brought into the kitchen for the morning, although it pretty much ends up in front of the stove most days with no apparent purpose.

Tripping on the bouncy chair in the darkened bedroom when retrieving Elijah from his infantile prison. OK, so this isn’t actually something I enjoy, but it is a part of the morning routine.

Writing a short blog post with Elijah pressing all of the keys his chubby little arms can reach. I just hope the drool doesn’t get down into the laptop.

Ruth is still sleeping. We’ve been at this for an hour now, as it just turned 7am. I would hate for her to miss this magical experience of togetherness. We should go check on her.


6 thoughts on “Saturdays at 6am

    • Selah!! Hey girl! How are you? Dave and I have been thinking about you and Bert a lot lately wondering how everything was going. We miss you both! 🙂 Email me sometime!

      I also slept in this morning, but unfortunately it’s because my body put up the surrender flag and I gave into the colds floating around here..yuck.

      • That’s sleeping in at my house too, Ruth…normal wake up time for me is between 5:45 and 6. I slept until 7:15 and fell out of bed to immediately run downstairs and make pancakes…our Saturday morning family treat….sometimes appreciated and sometimes not since they aren’t sitting on the table at the perfect temperature waiting for my sweet little children to come downstairs, plop in a chair, quickly say the blessing, and begin devouring them without hesitation and with an endless supply to quickly replace the empty spot on their plate. Makes perfect sense to me!

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