Peanut butter, leaf or slug (Episode II)

[This post is a continuation of a previous post – “Episode I” of the same title. Please see former post to fully appreciate the contents below.]

Over the last eight years, I have learned that you can never expect the sorts of questions or decisions you may be faced with as a parent. For example, determining how much spit-up is acceptable on a dress shirt is a process that I would not have formerly considered a reasonable course of action, electing instead to wear 100% vomit-free apparel. But life changes you.

So back to the “thing” on the dining room floor. I can tell you with certainty that I cleaned it up. The funny thing is that I don’t remember what it was. But I remember the questions coming up in my mind of “What is it?”. And isn’t that typical to parenting? You find yourself faced with a variety of unexpected (and sometimes unpleasant) situations, but in the end, your momentary discomfort and inconvenience pales in comparison to your God-given role of nurturing and protecting your babies. Parenting isn’t about me, insomuch as the things that I feel I need and want (such as non-slimy fingers). It is about my ability to look beyond myself and see the bigger picture.


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