Peanut butter, leaf or slug (Episode I)

(A guest post by my husband Glenn)

Over the recent holidays, I had the opportunity to spend almost two weeks with my family at home. I was able to observe and participate in things that normally go on without my awareness. For example, during the work week, I would say that I don’t always appreciate how much effort my wife puts into keeping the house tidy and neat. And with small ones scooting around the floors like drooling robotic vacuum cleaners, keeping the floors clean is very important. So over the break, I was able to see first-hand how much attention is required to maintain suitable conditions for the babies.

One evening, after the children had all been herded into their respective berths, I was walking through the dark dining room into the kitchen. I noticed something on the floor. This item was larger than most floor debris, requiring that I go through the mental process of determining if I must indeed lean over, pick up said item, and relocate it to the nearest trash receptacle. After reflection and pondering, I determined that this would indeed be necessary. So much for a restful evening.

However, as is often the case, one question leads to another: what is this random item that is delaying my planned rendezvous with the sofa and remote? The most likely objects come to mind, those being 1) peanut butter, 2) a narrow leaf, or 3) a slug. While a leaf is the most desirable of the three possibilities, I must prepare myself for the likelihood that this flotsam in the sea of my dining room floor will be somewhat revolting to scrape off of the floor. Especially if it is moving within my fingers.

To be continued…


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