Worth every minute

Our two youngest boys, Joshua and Elijah, are 21 months and 10 months respectively. To say the least, that age spacing can be a bit of a challenge at times. There are moments in every day when I wonder what I have gotten myself into. We affectionately call them the “furbies”, which for those of you who don’t know, those are toys from the 90’s that “talk” to one another with little non-sense words. The babies tend to “talk” to one another. When one laughs the other laughs and when one cries the other does too. It makes for some loud moments. They also share everything. Toys, food and germs. Going to the store is a challenge. I have to either, wear one kid and put the other in the cart while the two big boys walk, or find a cart that you can put two kids in. Or if I am really lucky, a cart that fits three! Gotta love Target! Having these two youngest 11 months apart has been an experience and up until recently, not one I would like to repeat. But over the past few weeks, I have been watching the two of them start to play together.

Now that Elijah can crawl, he follows Joshua around everywhere. They play with the same toys and laugh together. The best thing they do is play “hide and seek” together. One will “hide” around the corner in our hallway and the other will go “find” his brother and they just laugh. It’s awesome to watch! They are going to be the best of friends. I can now say that all the hardship of having two little guys 11 months apart is totally worth every minute!


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