During this season of Christmas shopping, it has become apparent to me that the world would like us all to believe that we need more of everything. We “need” more clothes, more food, more electronics and more of just about anything else you can think of that costs money. It is only November 30 and I am sick of Christmas craziness already. I lament the fact that Christmas is all about presents and stuff, at least as far as the commercials are concerned. I actually considered not buying any presents this year, but my husband quickly brought me back off the proverbial ledge of that one. 🙂

I agree with the idea that we all need more of certain things, I would just suggest that its different things than you would see on TV.

We need more love

We need more compassion

We need more prayer

We need more generosity

We need more selflessness

We need more peace

We need more of Jesus, everyday.

As a couponer, I really can fall into this line of thinking that I need more of things. But I have to stop and ask myself, do I really “need” 50 boxes of pasta? No, I don’t. I think I personally can get to the point that I put my faith in what I have, instead of Jesus. I can put my faith in my savings account or how much food I have stockpiled. I can put my faith in my plan for my life and how I have every detail worked out just so. Then I stop and realize that these things are meaningless and can all be taken away in a minute. I really need more Jesus and to put my faith in Him for my security. The world can be sneaky about this whole “more” business. I almost waited in line all night on black friday for a new TV thinking I “needed” it, when I have a perfectly good one already. God wants me to trust Him for things and not in what I have. That’s a hard lesson to learn and really live out, but in the end it is what we need more of.

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