A day in the life

It’s been a crazy day already so, I decided I would share it. It starts at about 6am this morning when Glenn, Samuel and Jordan are up for school. They are not the quietest people in the world so I am usually woken up in the process of them getting ready. This morning they were banging around and fussing with each other, so I knew it was going to be one of those mornings. Then around 6:45am, much to my dismay, Joshua started fussing. He usually sleeps till 8, so this was much too early. I let him fuss for a while, but he was just getting more upset so I went and got him up. He has been cranky since last week when we drug him around to four family events in four days. I often wonder why we do that sort of thing to ourselves knowing it will produce an irate toddler for the next week, but sometimes it can’t be helped.

I got Joshua up and put him in his high chair for breakfast. Samuel and Glenn are headed out the door for school and Jordan is on the couch fussing for food. It is at this point in the mornings that I wish I were one of those “morning people” who gets up ready for the day and cheerful, but I have to confess that isn’t the case. My husband often jokes that he can’t talk to me before 9am otherwise he will just get grunting. It’s true, I have to admit. I really just want peace and quiet in the morning and a cup of tea, but that isn’t usually what I get. I wish I was one of those moms who gets up early and makes their kids a good breakfast and stuff, but again, that just isn’t the case. Breakfast around here usually consists of cereal, or lately peanut butter sandwiches, hey at least its protien. So, I fix “breakfast” for Joshua and Jordan and sit down with my tea when the baby wakes up. I let him fuss for a bit, and finish my tea. Then I get Joshua down from his high chair and put him in his room with the baby gate up. He HATES this. But I tell him this would not be the case if he didn’t get up so early, but now mommy has to shower and he has to stay in his room. I get the baby in the bouncy chair, and set him up in the bathroom so I can shower. I get into the shower and pretend for a moment that I don’t have any kids, until the 5-year-old comes in to pee. (Really? can’t you use the other bathroom? no, of course not, mommy can’t have five minutes by herself can she?) Anyway, I finish my shower and realize that Joshua has been playing his usual game of throw everything in my room over the baby gate into the hallway. I imagine the mess I will have to clean up. I get dressed and come out of the bathroom to inspect said mess. I look down and see the coat rack that used to be on his wall is now in the floor in the hallway. It’s a piece of wood with four coat hooks on it that was screwed to the wall in this room. He usually takes the coats off and throws them. Not a big deal, but now he has managed to get the coat rack down. I have no idea how he did this with two-inch screws holding this thing to the wall, but that is not my immediate concern. What I am frantically searching for are the screws. I find one but I cannot find the other. I am imagining all sorts of horrible things he could have done with it and wondering if I will ever find it. Then I look at him and realize that his mouth is shut, not normal for him. I look in his mouth and wallah, the two-inch screw. Fortunately he was fine.

After I get over my panic, I start cleaning up his room and take the baby gate down for him to walk around. I walk down the hall and realize that an outlet cover in the hallway is missing. This has been an epidemic in our house over the past few days ever since Glenn vacuumed the other day. I was very thankful that he vacuumed so I didn’t fuss at him for leaving the outlet cover off, I just replaced it and moved on. (see my halo?) So, today when it was missing, I knew it had been there and no one had taken it out to vacuum. Then I look at Joshua and realize he has an outlet cover in his mouth. I fuss at him really good and try to find another outlet cover that he cannot remove. I am now thinking this kid has a death wish or something.

All that happened before 9am. Since then, for the past hour and a half, I have called the insurance company to fight with them about paying for some bills for Joshua, and called various medical providers to get them to resubmit bills to the insurance company and not charge me for them. Then I have tried to get Elijah to take a nap. He is teething and has a cold, bad combo. He finally went to sleep and then Joshua got fussy so I put him down for a nap and Elijah just woke up. It’s like juggling babies sometimes around here. lol.

That’s my day so far. Crazy, I know. There is definitely never a dull moment around here. I hate to be bored and I kind of thrive on crazy, obviously. People ask me all the time “how do you do it?’. I usually say “one minute at a time”. And that is true, but honestly, you just get used to crazy and that becomes your new normal. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


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