The theme park effect

A few weeks ago we were at the zoo. I realize that the zoo is not technically a theme park, but bear with me and this will make sense in a minute. (pause to laugh at my own stupid pun. lol. get it? bear) Anyway, we were walking around the zoo and we realized that people were staring at us. Most of the time we are used to this and don’t realize it really, but there are times when we go to new places and the staring gets much more obvious. One of those places is any kind of theme park. Being a transracial family we are in the minority in a theme park. So people stare much more. I am sure it also has to do with the fact that we have two children under age 2 and that we have 4 kids all together. All those things, nowadays, are abnormal.

We were walking around and it took us a minute to realize why people were staring at us. For a minute there we wondered if we had something in our noses, but no, it’s just the usual staring. It got so bad at one point that the person was staring at us and ran into a statue. I thought it was hilarious and serves them right, in my opinion. Glenn and I decided we should print up some t-shirts to wear in situations such as that. Here are some of our ideas:

“If you think my kids look odd, you should see yours!”

“Be careful that you don’t run into something staring at us!”

“If you can read this t-shirt stop staring!”

“Yes, he is black and we are white, what’s it to ya?”

“Yes, he is black, yes, he is adopted, no, he is not from Ethiopia and yes, he is our son!”

I could go on. It’s our funny way of dealing with the idea that we are odd. I was listening to a preacher the other day and he was saying that the church back in Acts was controversial. Wherever they went they stirred up something. I feel that way to an extent. I know people look at our family and talk about us. It used to bother me, but it doesn’t anymore. I know that my family makes people talk and I think that is a good thing. I know we make some people uncomfortable, and honestly, in this world of conformity, I am good with it. I think we as Christians need to do things that make people talk, in a good way, obviously. I am not talking about going out and doing something bad. lol.

I think we need to stir up some controversy at times. We don’t need to look like the world all the time. We need to challenge what the world says is “normal” and stop trying to achieve that “normal”. I am glad we are different, as a family, and who knows we might just get more different in the future. Who knows? What I know is that we make people think about adoption and children in general. And I am happy about that. God has called us to be in the world and not of it. We need to be a little different for the world to realize that there is something to this God thing. What are you doing today to challenge “normal”?



4 thoughts on “The theme park effect

  1. Oh my goodness I could not stop laughing at the 1st t-shirt idea! I love that one! We get looks too, more so when Mike is not with us because when he is there that “explains” things. I took the boys to volunteer one day and the man ask if we were with a group, I said no that it’s just me and my kids. He looked at Kyle and Jalen and said, “ok great your here with friends and family”. Um, no, none of our friends are here just me and MY SONS, yes, there mine, BOTH of them.

  2. Love the t-shirt ideas, and the whole theme of the blog (no pun intended with “theme” lol)…. My favorite is the one with Ethiopia in it since it seems most people here think adopted black children all come from Ethiopia.

  3. Love the t-shirt ideas!! I have been through this with my neice who is black. She spends most of her time with this side of the family who are all white and we get stares too. I have had people ask me if she is my daughter and my response is always “no i’m her aunt but i’d love to have her for a daughter” I hope it makes people think about their comments and realize were all people and we are all the same in His eyes!

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