The Puppy

I was driving home from dropping Jordan off at preschool yesterday and on the side of the road I saw this little dog. I passed by and then the mothering, soft spot in me had to go back and see about it. So, I turned around and stopped to see what is was. I walked over to it and it was this little puppy, about 2 months old or so. She is a sweet little dog and came right to me. I put her in my car and then drove to my mom’s house. My mom loves animals so I knew she would know what we should do. She kept the dog for me while I went to buy some food for her. I brought her home with me intending to keep her while I find her owner. I already have a dog, and a cat and four boys. As my husband says, we do not need another carbon-based life form at our house. I have listed the dog on Craigslist, lost and found section, and put up signs, but so far no takers. My husband and kids really want to keep her, but they are not the ones who will be feeding her or housebreaking her, this I have learned from our other dog. It will be me. I do not have time for all that. I forgot how much trouble puppies are. It makes me thankful for my older dog.

Anyway, so as I told my husband this story of how I found her he said he was amazed I even saw her, he wouldn’t have. There is that whole men/women thing of men not being very observant, but I think it’s something bigger. I think sometimes we can get so busy that we fail to see others around us in need. I am trying to be better about slowing down and really “seeing” those around me. This is something God brought to my attention about a month ago. I was, again, on my way to pick up my son from preschool, running late. I was driving out of my neighborhood when I saw this man sitting next to his mailbox with a walker beside him. It appeared that he had fallen while trying to check his mail. I knew I should stop, but I thought about being late to preschool and the babies I had with me. I stopped anyway, and asked him if he was okay and if he needed help. He said his wife was coming to help and just then she walked up to us. I got back in the car and went to pick up Jordan. As I thought about it more, I should have stayed to help make sure he was okay. But I was too busy.

We are so busy all the time. Rush, rush everywhere. I really hate that. I don’t want to be busy, but sometimes it’s hard not to be in this world today. Everyone is busy. It seems like busyness is a merry-go-round that you get stuck on and can’t seem to jump off of. You just never know the people around you that you are not “seeing” by being so busy. And you never know the blessings you are missing by being so busy. This little puppy has been an inconvenience in my busy life, but she has taught me, yet again, that God wants me to slow down and help those in need. And hopefully my kids are learning that too by taking care of this little puppy. Hopefully they won’t kill me when we have to give her to someone else. But that is a whole other post 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Puppy

  1. One time I found a tiny kitten in at a goodwill drop off site in a kennel in the middle of winter on a very cold night. I brought her home and my husband said we were NOT keeping it. I told him I wasn’t asking his permission and it has been my sons cat ever since. Looking back I think I need to work on the whole honoring my husband thing, because he was right, we shouldn’t have kept it, we have enough human mouths to feed, lol.

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