I was categorizing posts today on this blog and I realized that I have a category for marriage. It doesn’t have any posts in it. I guess I don’t write about marriage much. It’s not that I don’t have things to write about concerning marriage, but I don’t really think about marriage that much. My husband and I have been married 10 years now and I can say it has been a good 10 years. Marriage seems to get easier as you go along, or maybe children just take the focus away from it so you don’t think about it as much. I don’t know, but at any rate, lately I have been thinking about placing more focus on our marriage. So, I will try to focus more on marriage here also.

I was just watching a video that my wonderful husband made for me and I realized just how young we were when we got married. It’s a compilation of pictures from the last 10 years. I was 21 and he was 20 when we got married. Yes, I am older. But I look back at those pictures and man I look young. We were babies. I think about some of the things that I thought back then and I sure have matured a lot since that time. The other thing that struck me about watching pictures of myself back then was how different I was and how different my husband was. It seems amazing to me that God knew who we were as people then and who we would become as people now and brought us together to be perfect for each other then and now. God knew things that I needed in a husband that I had no idea at the time would be important to me. And I am sure he would say the same things about me. We really have grown up together, and that has been a good thing for us. I can imagine that our parents must have thought we were a little crazy getting married so young, but we both knew that this was in God’s plan.

Glenn and I are opposites in so many ways. He is a morning person and I am a night owl, at least I was before we had kids and I was getting up a lot in night. Now I am in bed by 9, like an old person. My mom stays up later than me, a lot later. Anyway, Glenn is detail oriented and I am well…not. Glenn is outgoing and I am quieter. We are such opposites that when we first met it would have seemed that we might not get along, but we always did. And yet we have changed so much in the last 10 years but we still get along so well. When I first met Glenn he wasn’t detail oriented at all really. I know, hard to believe, for those of you who know him well. When we were younger I would have said I was more detailed than him, but I guess age has brought out the true Glenn. And the amazing thing is that I need that detail oriented person that he is to balance me out. I cut corners and don’t do things as well as I could, but he comes along behind me and fixes all that. I would not be as good of a person without him and my house would not be nearly as clean either. I love you honey. But at 21, I didn’t know I would need that in my life. But God knew. God knew the experiences we would have in our life together and He gave me a husband who would be perfectly suited to walk with me through the good times and the bad.

God knows what is best, if we will just listen to him. There were many people who were not sure we should get married so young, but we knew it was what God wanted for us. Sometimes you have to go against the crowd to do what you know God wants, but He will always bless you for it as He has our marriage.


One thought on “Marriage

  1. Very neat story. And I share the same thoughts. Dave and I have been married almost 9 years and it is amazing to look back and see how much has changed…the twists and turns that our lives have taken…the things that have been a real challenge…all things that I never would have suspected for us. I wasn’t much of a baby when I got married. I had already been married for a few short years and then divorced and I learned a great deal about myself and marriage. I think if I had waited maybe things would have been different, but at the same time I know the experiences I had helped shape me into the person I am and put me in the place that I was so that mine and Dave’s paths would cross at the right moment. It reminds me to always be grateful…even for the wrong choices and the rocky paths. Everything can teach you something. 🙂

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