If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Romans 12:18

I have been thinking about this topic a lot lately. Reconciliation is something we are called to as Christians, in as far as it is up to us. Meaning, we are to make every effort to reconcile with those around us who we have hurt or who have hurt us. Sometimes it isn’t possible, for whatever reason, but we have to make an effort at it. We cannot hold grudges against others. Grudges really don’t hurt the person we are holding them against anyway, they hurt us. You can literally make yourself sick by holding grudges and anger inside. It is in our best interest to try to make amends with others. I have a personal story about this.

My parents divorced when I was 6. My dad moved out-of-state and I didn’t see him much. When I was about 13, I saw him for the last time. He would call me, usually on Father’s Day, which is just after my birthday, and that really made me mad. He had hurt me so much I just didn’t want to have anything to do with him, really. After I got married, he would call me late at night drunk and say terrible things about my mother and their divorce. I finally told him not to call me anymore. I didn’t speak to him for three years. Finally when I got pregnant with my first son, I decided I needed to tell him. So, I had my husband call and tell him because I still didn’t want to talk to him. Slowly we began to talk again and starting having somewhat of a relationship. I was still very cautious about it all. Then one night, in October of 2004, I felt like I should call him. I usually just let him call me but the Lord was really impressing upon me to call, so I did. It was a great conversation and he apologized for everything he had done to me and my mom and said he had started going to church again and had rededicated his life to God. I was overjoyed and thankful I had called. I was able to tell him I forgave him and tell him I love him. Later that week my aunt called me to let me know that my dad had passed away shortly after I spoke to him on the phone. I was so thankful that I had made that call and we had reconciled before he died. I am glad I listened to the Lord’s leading and called him. Even though I didn’t want to, and it was hard. I was so glad I did. I have no regrets now, and that is worth everything.

If there is someone in your life that you have been hurt by or hurt, I urge you to try to make amends with them. It may take time and they may not respond to you, but at least you know you have done your part and you have forgiven them. You will experience freedom from doing that. Don’t wait, you never know what tomorrow may bring.


2 thoughts on “Reconciliation

  1. Wow-such power in listening and obeying the Lord. I am so thankful that you do not live with the regret of not following His leading.

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