A lesser known holiday

Another post from Glenn:

Although you may be unaware of it, today is a day of celebration for a very small percentage of the world’s population. To be precise, approximately .00000000003% of the citizens of this globe eagerly anticipate the coming of October 1 every year. I acknowledge that this event will likely never be given a designated section at the Hallmark store, as is the case with “International Frugal Fun Day” and “World Vegetarian Day”(both sister holidays of the aforementioned October 1 occasion). But it is special to me.

Twelve years ago today, I departed on a beach retreat with the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship group that met at UNCC. I was a college freshman at the time, just beginning to make new friends and establish my identity as a young adult. Looking for those with similar focus and direction, I decided to invest my time and energy into the Freshman Small Group that met on a weekly basis. As we had approached the beach retreat, there had been discussion regarding how we could carpool to the beach. To make a long story short, I ended up riding to the beach with a cute sophomore who I had wanted to get to know better. Fortunately, she drove a new, dependable Toyota Corolla, a vehicle of which my mother approved. Little did I know that my mother would someday give her approval of that cute sophomore too.

In the ensuing days after October 1, 1999, that cute sophomore and I became inseparable. Through courtship, marriage, and children, we grew together through life, loss and love. God has blessed our union, and I am eternally grateful for his providential hand in my life on that day twelve years ago.


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