Why Blog?

“We read to know we are not alone”. CS Lewis

Why blog? I blog to share my thoughts and for myself. I find it’s therapeutic to write and I enjoy it, but why do you all read it? Why do I read other people’s blogs? I would say that it has something to do with this quote. I think we read blogs, magazines, newspapers and books to know we are not alone. We want to know there is someone else out there in the world that is like us. We want to know there is someone out there who understands what we are going through and feels our pain too. We want to know we are not weird or the only one that thinks a certain way.

We, by nature, are relational people. We lives our lives forming relationships with others. Our whole existence is based on relationships or the lack of relationships. We were made to have a relationship with God. He made Adam to have a relationship with Himself and then Eve to have a companion for Adam. We were made for relationship.

In this time of technology we are less likely to actually spend time together face to face. So, we seek out these relationships on the internet. I have many good friends who I do not actually know in real life. It’s a strange phenomenon, but sometimes it feels as if you can be more real with someone you may never actually see face to face. And so we read blogs. I search out blogs of people who are similar to me. I read ones about mom’s with lots of little kids, or other Christian moms, or my favorite one is about couponing and how to save money. (essential information when you have four growing boys). I am not just seeking information, I am seeking companionship. I want to know someone else is like me and thinks like me, or struggles with the same things I do.

If you are reading this blog, I hope you know you are not alone. I try to be as open as I can be about my personal struggles or what is going on in my life and I do this for two reasons. First, it’s my form of therapy and second so that others will know that they are not alone. They are not the only one who has experienced the pain of miscarriage or divorce, they are not the only one who has a lot of little kids to keep up with each day, or who deals with anxiety. They are not the only ones with a transracial family through adoption. Whether you reach out to others through the internet or in person, reach out. And know you are not alone.

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2 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. We do need to know that we are not alone. It is so helpful to have others to whom I can relate! And maybe I can contribute because of my life experiences too!

  2. I think you’re right on target. I know this is exactly why I blog and read other’s blogs. It’s been hugely instrumental in our struggles to understand what’s going on with our son; it’s been therapeutic to get my thougths out there – even to those that never actually make it as a post onto the blog. The internet is a good resource for “community” that we need through different stages of our lives!

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