In line at the grocery store

Yesterday I was in line at Walmart. I really like to stand in line and watch what other people buy. It’s a fun little game as you imagine what the things people buy say about them. For example, the woman in front of me bought: a book, butter, whole milk (1 quart), a very large box of honey buns, and two packages of some breakfast sandwich that most likely has more fat grams in on bite than you should eat in one week. What this tells me about her is,  the book: the obvious, she likes to read. The butter: it was a box of butter so she must like to bake. The quart of whole milk: she lives alone (who else would buy so little milk) and she doesn’t care about healthy eating since its whole milk. The very large box of honey buns: if she does live alone, all I have to say is WOW! And the something resembling food in a box: she doesn’t have time to make breakfast nor does she care what she eats.

Lest you think I am unfair with this, I also analyze what I buy. I think about how it looks to someone else when I buy strange combinations of things like wine and diapers. You really can tell a lot about a person by what they buy. I am sure by now most of you think I am weird and are very paranoid about standing in line in front of me in the grocery store. 🙂 I try not to be judgemental, really.

(yes, there really is a point to all this, be patient I am getting to it)

So, how many times do we look at the outward appearance to judge someone’s heart? Just as I really can’t tell what a person is like by what they buy, I shouldn’t judge them by how they look either. That lady in front of me could have been buying all that for someone else, you just never know. So many times we jump to concussions by appearances and never give someone a fair chance to show us who they really are. I admit to being guilty of this myself. One time I was driving down the street and saw this man who was in tattered clothes and had a dog with him on a rope. I assumed he was homeless and I felt like I should stop and give him some money I had with me. So, I did and then learned he was not homeless. Talk about embarrassing! But I judged him by his appearance. God allowed me to learn that day to not be so quick to judge. And not to stop and talk to men you don’t know on the street who you think might be homeless because if your husband finds out he will be mad. Sorry honey.

At the same time we must think about how our actions make us appear to others. If we are Christians, we must try our best not to make our brother stumble by something we do or say. We must be mindful of our appearance and our speech and what that says about us because we are mirrors of Christ to others. We don’t want to misrepresent Him.

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