Moments with Jordan

Jordan is my second son and he is four years old, about to be five soon. He says the craziest stuff and these are a compliation of some of the things he has said over the past few months. Enjoy.
me: “Jordan aren’t you excited you get to start preschool tomorrow!”
Jordan: “yep, what are we gonna do there?”
me: “well, you will learn lots of things and play.”
Jordan: “okay, well, I don’t need to learn chess because I already know how to do that.”
me “hahah, okay I will tell Mrs. Pam.”
(seriously? Chess in preschool. He is crazy!)

We are all sitting at the table for dinner the other night and Samuel is having a really bad attitude. Glenn and I are admonishing him to straighten up and trying to figure out what his problem is.
Me: “Samuel, what is wrong with you today?”
Samuel: “Nothing”
Jordan: “It’s the mysterious case of the bad attitude”
We all busted out laughing including Samuel. Good job, Jordan for helping your brother adjust his attitude.

Jordan and his friend Joshua are playing Spiderman. Joshua’s weapon is a lightsaber and Jordan’s weapon is a stuffed monkey????

Quote of the day from Glenn talking to me at dinner last night after telling Jordan to stop saying bathroom words at the table.
“so you know Proverb that says ‘out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks’?”
me: yes
Glenn: “what excatly does that mean Jordan’s heart is full of?”
me: I can only imagine

We were walking into church tonight and Jordan was carrying a white garbage bag full of walmart bags for the church food pantry. Glenn and I realized that he kept repeating something while swinging the bag around. As we listening closer we realized he was saying “white trash, white trash”.

Jordan: Mommy, we should call Elijah peaches (Elijah is his baby brother)
me: Really?
Jordan: yes, because he is small, round and fuzzy.
Jordan asks for a banana for breakfast from Glenn.
He only eats one bite and says he is done, so Glenn proceeds to eat the rest of the banana (I have told him not to eat after the kids)
Samuel and Jordan start laughing and confess that Samuel told Jordan to do something inappropriate with the banana and he did it!
Glenn about throws up!
Good times!

Me: “Jordan stop banging your fork on the table”
him: “are you going to spank me?”
Glenn spills koolaid on the table
Me: “no, but Daddy needs a spanking I think”
Jordan: “Daddy’s don’t get spankings- they go to jail”

Conversation with Samuel and Jordan:
Jordan: “Samuel you are getting on my nerds”
Samuel: “Jordan, it’s nerves not nerds”
Jordan: “fine then, you are getting on my nerves”
Ah, summer is here and the arguing has begun. Hilarious though

Moments with Jordan during church
Jordan: “Daddy, how did I get into Mommy’s tummy?”
Glenn: “UM….it was a miracle”
Jordan: “you mean like a flower?”
Glenn: “What?”
Jordan: “You know, a Marigold”

I asked Jordan what he thought about having these girls cousins coming in October and he said “well, that’s nice for them but I just want brothers, girls are icky.” 🙂


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